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I am Geoff Barker, Age 61, married to Jean, two grown up daughters, & dog (Jess).

I have spent 35 years as a Design Engineer in Process Industry (boring stuff after the first 10 years)

Started in archery in 1988,  recurve for 5 years then decided to make a longbow and have not looked back since. 

I have always been a compulsive maker of things, Tables, Welsh dressers, Guitars ,Model- boats & Bookcases, so getting into making Archery Equipment was easy.

Started to make bows in 1990 for friends & acquaintances, having reasonable success in archery lead me to consider taking it up as a fulltime occupation.

Decided to venture into part time making of bows in 2003.
One of my satisfied customers is Ken Bearman. A coach to the England Field Squad.

Achievements with my own longbows & arrows.
Archery coach 
8 out of the last 10 years - Club Longbow Champion
1999 Kent Target Second Longbow
2000 Kent Target Second Longbow
2001 Kent Target Champion Longbow
2001 Kent Field Champion Longbow
2002 Member of the Kent Longbow Team
2003 Member of the Kent Longbow Team
2003 Archer of the year  Fraternity of St.George
2004 Kent Field Champion Longbow
2004 Member of the Kent Longbow Team
2005 Member of the Kent Longbow Team
2008 Member of the Kent Longbow Team
2009 Bowman classification
2010 Member of the Kent Longbow Team
Goals for 2010 Master bowman

A member of  Allington Castle Archers in Kent